The Basic Income... more and more people are con­vinced. The advan­tage, the impact on our soci­ety seems pretty obvi­ous. But when it finally becomes true - how is this going to actu­ally change our lifes?

What would you do with a Basic Income?

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  • work less 2 (11%)
  • work even more 2 (11%)
  • start my own busi­ness 3 (16%)
  • start a family, raise a child 3 (16%)
  • noth­ing - I don’t like change... 0 (0%)
  • focus on my arts, dis­cover hidden tal­ents 6 (32%)
  • study, learn (a new lan­guage, how to cook...) 9 (47%)
  • prac­tice (an instru­ment, knit­ting, mar­tial arts...) 9 (47%)
  • make sport / care for my health 8 (42%)
  • spend time with family / friends... 11 (58%)
  • travel, play, enjoy life... 6 (32%)
  • help others / char­ity / activism 14 (74%)
  • UNLEASH LIFE! :) 7 (37%)

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  1. Actu­ally I would choose almost every option in this poll. But since the ques­tion was ‚with Basic Income’ and not ‚with unlim­ited time’... ;)

  2. I’ve actu­ally been one of the lucky few here, as I have for the past 8years been able to secure and sus­tain my lifestyle at a Basic Income. 8 years ago I had to be declared „dis­abled,” and had to go under „restruc­tur­ing” of my eco­nomic lot in life. I have done more than merely sur­vived on less than $1,000 a month in all this time. I reside in brand new gated com­mu­nity, own my own vehi­cle, free and clear, main­tain an excel­lent qual­ity of life, and live amongst the Sierra Nevada moun­tain range where I have ease of access [...]

    to out­door life, enter­tain­ment, and a plethora of com­mu­nity ser­vice oppor­tu­ni­ties, that enjoy. As part of my disabilit(ies) in the past year I was part­nered with a fully trained ser­vice dog, and since been vol­un­teer­ing, on my own sched­ule, as a com­mu­nity out­reach edu­ca­tor and advo­cate on the newly imple­mented and enforced Ser­vice Animal Code of Fed­eral Reg­u­la­tions. My spir­i­tual life, and rela­tion­ship with my God, has never been better, and it only improves day by day given the strength and sus­tain­abil­ity that I am so richly afforded, and do not take for granted.

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