This is a huge project and there are many ways to sup­port our project or the idea of a basic income in general.

1) Spread the word!

Share our web­site on face­book, like our fan­page, follow and tweet about us, join the dias­pora* net­work, write emails or on toilet walls (only your own toilet, of course!), tell your friends and family about us!

You run a blog? Blog about us! Your friend works for a news­pa­per or TV-station? Call them! You own a house? Put a banner out of the window. Own a car? Get one of our car stickers!

Feel free to use our share but­tons. Right here:



Talk to people, dis­cuss the idea of a Basic Income! And:

2) Ask our cen­tral question!

Ask every­one you meet! Even people who (you think) don’t care for these things. But keep in mind: this might be the first time they hear about the Basic Income. So be pre­pared to answer some of their ques­tions!
And even if they don’t visit our site or become a member of our move­ment... they may think about it later.

Remem­ber the ques­tion? It was:
What would you do with a Basic Income?

By the way... you can actu­ally answer this ques­tion here!

3) Help­ing hands:

There’s much work to do to get this project started, keep it run­ning and make it pop­u­lar. You can help us by join­ing our team or by taking over single tasks.

Check our overview of all the pend­ing tasks.

4) Give us feedback!

This is a com­mu­nity project and we need your feed­back. Please answer the poll below or leave a com­ment!


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To vote, please:

You can tell us your opin­ion by leav­ing a com­ment here or write us a per­sonal mes­sage.

5) Give us money!

Have you already heard about flattr? The world’s first social micro-payment system? You can donate micro amounts to help us pay the server cost for this site!

Besides this, the most excit­ing way to finan­cially con­tribute to a project is crowd­fund­ing! (Wait, crowd what?? Answers here.)

Why is it excit­ing? Because you don’t just send money - anony­mously, press­ing an orange button. Instead you become part of a crowd, of a com­mu­nity that sup­ports a project with energy, ideas, love...
Plus: it’s much more trans­par­ent. Every­one knows how much we need, what it is for and how much we got.

Check our crowd­fund­ing page to see if we have any cam­paigns run­ning.
Or upcom­ing, or suc­cess­fully finished. :)

6) Become active!

Meet local activists or Basic Income sup­port groups! :)