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  • Your work will get listed under visions and...
  • Your pro­file under com­mu­nity along with other ‚unleashed’ people.
  • Add a link to a shop where our vis­i­tors can buy your work!
  • Your vision may get voted by other users to be part of a com­pi­la­tion (like a doc­u­men­tary. We ask you before using it!).
  • Help to make the Basic Income become pop­u­lar! :)

‚But I’m not an artist!’

It doesn’t have to be ultra artis­tic stuff (but it can, though). Simple and authen­tic visions are per­fectly right for our mis­sion - to con­vince the world.
Simply film your­self with a webcam talk­ing about your vision!

If you need help cre­at­ing your vision:


Let’s say you have a nice poem and you feel it needs a pic­ture or you want to sing a duet or you have an idea and just need some­one with a camera or you or... the pos­si­bil­i­ties to col­lab­o­rate are almost end­less.

Add a com­ment here with your details: describe your idea and whom / what you need!

Submit almost any­thing:

  • video / movie / ani­ma­tion
  • short story / poem / essay
  • pic­ture / comic / photo
  • music / songs
  • ...

‚Where can I upload my vision?’

You can’t upload files directly to our site. Use one of the var­i­ous plat­forms out there where you can host your work. For videos we rec­om­mend or, for pic­tures or Only your texts can be sub­mit­ted directly

Talk­ing about qual­ity...

On the other hand: If you can’t sing » don’t submit a song! The worst thing that could happen to our project: if people come to the con­clu­sion that with a Basic Income the world gets worse, filled with ter­ri­ble singers. Kind of counter-productive. This is not a family cel­e­bra­tion where any­body can per­form any­thing and every­body has to stay - it’s a web­site and people WILL click away and we lose the chance to con­vince them. So write a poem instead... or: simply film your­self with a webcam talk­ing about your vision!

Answer the
‚cen­tral ques­tion’!

Remem­ber the ques­tion? It was:
What would you with a Basic Income?

(Don’t forget to answer the poll!)

We don’t tell you how to express your vision...

Just a few tips:

Feel free to talk about your life! Tell us what you do for a living. Why can’t you unleash your poten­tial NOW? Talk about your fears, express your frus­tra­tion if you want... but don’t forget to ANSWER our cen­tral ques­tion.

Keep it short!

This project is to con­vince people. Many people. And YOUR vision can help us to achieve this goal if you get straight to the point.

Respect the copy­right!

Although we are strictly against ACTA and SOPA and such stuff: don’t submit the work of other people! Even if they share it for free or under any Cre­ative Com­mons license! We could lose cred­i­bil­ity because this project is about YOUR visions!

A few things to note:

We don’t pub­li­cize every sub­mis­sion!

Yes, you may call this cen­sor­ship. We call it mod­er­a­tion. If your work con­tains racism or adult stuff or if it’s simply not related to the Basic Income we reject it. Also if the objec­tive qual­ity is too low. (see ‚Talk­ing about qual­ity...’ above!)
If we are unsure we let the com­mu­nity decide...

We don’t claim own­er­ship of your work!

You keep all the rights of any­thing you submit here. By hit­ting the submit button you only grant us the right to show your work here on the web­site and our social media chan­nels. We always credit you as the cre­ator and owner of all rights.

We may want to use your work, though!

We plan on making some kind of a com­pi­la­tions (like a doc­u­men­tary or a book) from some of your works. In this case we need to sign a con­tract with you. We make the same deal with every­one and pub­li­cize the con­di­tions of the deals here on the site.

Be Inspi­ra­tion!

Keep in mind: Your vision may inspire other people to think about our ‚cen­tral ques­tion’, submit their own vision - UNLEASH LIFE! :)