In modern ‚west­ern’ forms of soci­ety, there are 3 classes of work.

The first class is wage work - all pos­si­ble jobs that some­one gets paid for, no matter how hard, dirty, immoral, etc.
The sec­onds class is vol­un­teer work. All jobs that are done vol­un­tar­ily, for strangers, with­out get­ting paid.
And the third class includes all work in a house­hold, for family mem­bers, rais­ing chil­dren, etc.

All three classes receive (more or less) social recognition.

Beyond that, there are still many ‚tasks’, ‚jobs’, ‚sta­tuses’ a person can achieve to improve / to serve our soci­ety. Things that usu­ally don’t get rec­og­nized.
But for the suc­cess of a Basic Income it’s extremely impor­tant to to shine a light on this kind of ‚work’. Oth­er­wise, all the people who feel respon­si­ble for these things don’t get the recog­ni­tion they deserve, become demo­ti­vated or even get rejected or ostracized.

That’s why we start a list of sup­pos­edly unre­mark­able ‚work’ here:

If you know more exam­ples of unre­mark­able ‚work’ please leave a com­ment below! Thanks! :)

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