What would you do with a Basic Income?

The Basic Income... more and more people are con­vinced. The advan­tage, the impact on our soci­ety seems pretty obvi­ous. But when it finally becomes true - how is this going to actu­ally change our lifes?

What would you do with a Basic Income?
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Money pre­vents think­ing!

‚A larger mon­e­tary reward leads to poorer cog­ni­tive per­for­mance...’?!

This is a sur­pris­ing fact sci­en­tist found out. Here’s why:

Money pre­vents think­ing!
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Healthy eating - what would you need?

Healthy food :)

Food is the one of our basic needs that most easily could be ful­filled with a guar­an­teed Basic Income. But there is a pro­found dis­tinc­tion between eating for stay­ing alive and healthy food for long-term well-being. What would YOU need to finally be able to start eating health­ily?

Healthy eating - what would you need?
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We form a team...

Cur­rently, we are form­ing a core team for this project. We need help in almost every area. The most impor­tant tasks include:

  • P.R.
  • social media
  • design (logo, art­work)
  • write blog posts
  • develop the con­cept
  • legal con­sul­ta­tion (copy­right)
  • develop a viral spot to pro­mote the project
  • fundrais­ing


If you are an expert in one of the above men­tioned fields or you think you can con­tribute some­how to this project please con­tact us! :)

Oth­er­wise please spread the word! Right here with these but­tons:


This is a com­mu­nity project and we need your feed­back. Please use the com­ment sec­tion below to tell us your opin­ion! Many thanks! :)

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