The con­cept

Love, pas­sion, cre­ativ­ity, health...very essen­tial things in life.

By ana­lyz­ing all the answers to our ques­tions, polls and sur­veys, and not at least the user sub­mit­ted visions we get a clear pic­ture of what people expect from a Basic Income. We find out which parts of their life they hope to improve... to UNLEASH.

Puzzle by PIKKman, on Flickr
Puzzle by PIKKman (View on flickr)

These ‚parts’ are going to be our topics for the single webisodes (episodes of the web series)... reflected in the titles, like ‚LOVE unleashed’, ‚PASSION unleashed’,... just as you can see it in the slid­ing pic­tures at our front page.

The movies are intented to attract a rel­a­tively wide audi­ence. Our goal is to spread an idea, to show an alter­na­tive, how life be - not how it is. So it’s wise to keep our mes­sage clear, enter­tain­ing, funny and col­or­ful. No weird exper­i­ments, hate or depres­sion.
The style should be very modern - we prob­a­bly want to reach the more open-minded people. So if one really needs the tra­di­tional way they might not be open for our idea anyway. Yet. ;)

This page gets updated as the project grows. Stay tuned.

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