This is a com­mu­nity project. And this is not just a fancy label! We mean what we say and here’s how:

Get involved!

crowded by linus_art, on Flickr
crowded by linus_art (View on flickr)

... by answer­ing a simple* ques­tion regard­ing your own per­sonal life! Answer it right here! Remem­ber the ques­tion? It was:

What would you do with a Basic Income? 

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To vote, please:

(*Actu­ally, our ques­tion is not that simple. It sounds simple at first but if you start think­ing about it you can’t stop any­more. Ever.)

Express your­self!

Express your hopes and fears, share your visions of a life with a Basic Income. Submit your works and get them listed under ‚visions’ and your per­sonal pro­file under ‚com­mu­nity’.

You can submit your vision as: video / movie, short story / poem, pic­ture / comic, song,... We don’t use any Vision with­out con­sent and don’t claim any rights!

The huge amount and the diver­sity of com­mu­nity visions we show here will inspire other people to think about the Basic Income and to share their vision, and con­vince the rest of the world. We want to prove:
‚We are SO many people and we have a huge potential!’

Iden­tify yourself!

We let the com­mu­nity vote on the sub­mit­ted ideas. Not to rate the qual­ity but to find the ideas which the most people iden­tify with, the most rel­e­vant topics for your mis­sion.
We learn how you feel , and what you think about a life a Basic Income.
(This knowl­edge is val­ue­able for others too! For all the politi­cians and sci­en­tists who fight for the Basic Income...)

But pri­mar­ily - based on this knowl­edge we develop:

The web series

A series of short fic­tional movies for the inter­net - we may also com­pile the most pop­u­lar visions and pub­li­cize a doc­u­men­tary later. Our inten­tion is to build tools that may help to con­vince many people of the idea of a Basic Income and go viral! We grow a com­mu­nity. And more people start think­ing about our cen­tral ques­tion. (Did you start think­ing about it already?;) )

Even people who refuse to think about it, who think that the Basic Income is hippie crap, a pipe dream of stoned artists - we trick them into doing so. No one can resist this entic­ing ques­tion because we don’t just ask about the future or about the soci­ety or pol­i­tics - we ask about THEIR dreams and visions, about their hopes and fears - about their VERY OWN PERSONAL LIFES! :P

Submit your vision! 

Do you want to be part of this project?

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