The main goal of this project is to raise aware­ness, to pro­mote the idea of a Basic Income to people who have never heard of this before (and prob­a­bly some of the ones who actu­ally don’t care about such things.)


To achieve this we pro­duce a series of short films (and prob­a­bly a doc­u­men­tary) to reach the masses (i.e. main­stream), inspired by the most pop­u­lar visions mem­bers of our com­mu­nity have sub­mit­ted to us.

To make people iden­tify with the Basic Income we need to link that the­o­ret­i­cal idea with their own per­sonal lifes. Not just another boring movie where econ­o­mists talk for 2 hours about what­ever and show hun­dreds of slid­ings charts. (Which is per­fectly right - for another target group!) We need to pic­ture a life WITH a Basic Income in a simple, enter­tain­ing way. We want to touch hearts make people dream and laugh - and real­ize how much they demand a Basic Income! ;)

We are con­vinced that think­ing about that ques­tion leads most people to exactly this con­clu­sion. Not just for our­selves, but for our neigh­bours who work 70 hours a week, for the home­less guy who sleeps in the aban­doned fac­tory across the street, for our best friend who had to sell her guitar, even the guy who stole our car to buy food for his family!

But HOW IS life with a Basic Income going to be?? We try to find the answer with help from the com­mu­nity. The sim­plest way to get people’s opin­ions, find out how they feel and what they think is to run polls and sur­veys. But we want more, a real com­mu­nity project.

The magic word is: Par­tic­i­pa­tion!

What do you think?
How do you feel?

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