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  1. Hello, are you guys aware of the Equal Money System? We sup­port the Basic Income Grant - how­ever we are propos­ing a com­plete instal­la­tion of a new eco­nomic, social and polit­i­cal system wherein money in itself is reformed to be valued as LIFE itself 

    For more: http://www.equalmoney.org - check out and vote on the goals. 

    It would be great to team up to pro­mote the aware­ness of being able to estab­lish a new living-reality for human­ity if we all agree that a polit­i­cal reform to pro­vide uncon­di­tional sup­port is required. 

    Great for the ini­tia­tive, will be check­ing out what you present - just got here

    Thank you

    Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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