A basic what??

There are many dif­fer­ent ideas about..., def­i­n­i­tions of... and names for that basic income thing. But for our project it’s not impor­tant to define it exactly... Our goal is to pro­mote the idea to people who have never heard of this before and did not study eco­nom­ics. We just want to make people think about their future, their lifes... That’s why we like the simple and straight def­i­n­i­tion from the U.S. Basic Income Guar­an­tee Net­work:

The Basic Income Guar­an­tee is an uncon­di­tional, government-insured guar­an­tee that all cit­i­zens will have enough income to meet their basic needs.

Yes, for us that’s pretty much what it’s all about: meet our basic needs. Because... if we don’t have to fight to sur­vive any­more we can focus on our other needs. Or other people’s needs. Or some­thing com­pletely else.


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But... why would anyone still want to work??

[We need a smart answer here. Could please anyone from the Basic Income scene help us out here? Thank you! (: ]

Today, many people work because they have to. They have to do dirty work to buy food and to have a place to sleep, to be able to meet basic needs, i.e. they are forced to. They accept very low pay and bad treat­ment due to the con­stant fear of losing the dirty work. There’s a word for this: SLAVERY!

There are only 2 sane solu­tions to get people to do dirty work. Every­one knows that it has to be done. So we would share the dirty work. (Like we share house work. We do share house work, right?) OR: We pay some­one to do it. Of course we would have to pay enough to make it lucra­tive.
But if it would be more lucra­tive to clean toi­lets than to steal cars or to sell drugs to kids we all would have less prob­lems...

To dig deeper into this topic we rec­om­mend the great wikipedia arti­cle about the Basic Income...

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