1) Our Mission

The main goal of this project is to raise aware­ness, to pro­mote the idea of a Basic Income to people who have never heard of this before (and prob­a­bly some of the ones who actu­ally don’t care about such things.)

idea_bulbTo achieve this we pro­duce a series of short films (and prob­a­bly a doc­u­men­tary) to reach the masses (i.e. main­stream), inspired by the most pop­u­lar visions mem­bers of our com­mu­nity have sub­mit­ted to us.

To make people iden­tify with the Basic Income we need to link that the­o­ret­i­cal idea with their own per­sonal lifes. Not just another boring movie where econ­o­mists talk for 2 hours about what­ever and show hun­dreds of slid­ings charts. (Which is per­fectly right - for another target group!) We need to pic­ture a life WITH a Basic Income in a simple, enter­tain­ing way. We want to touch hearts make people dream and laugh - and real­ize how much they demand a Basic Income! ;)

We are con­vinced that think­ing about that ques­tion leads most people to exactly this con­clu­sion. Not just for our­selves, but for our neigh­bours who work 70 hours a week, for the home­less guy who sleeps in the aban­doned fac­tory across the street, for our best friend who had to sell her guitar, even the guy who stole our car to buy food for his family!

But HOW IS life with a Basic Income going to be?? We try to find the answer with help from the com­mu­nity. The sim­plest way to get peo­ple’s opin­ions, find out how they feel and what they think is to run polls and sur­veys. But we want more, a real com­mu­nity project.

The magic word is: Par­tic­i­pa­tion!

2) Par­tic­i­pate!

This is a com­mu­nity project. And this is not just a fancy label! We mean what we say and here’s how:

Get involved!

crowded by linus_art, on Flickr
crowded by linus_art (View on flickr)

... by answer­ing a simple* ques­tion regard­ing your own per­sonal life! Answer it right here! Remem­ber the ques­tion? It was:

What would you do with a Basic Income? 
[Poll] [mul­ti­ple selec­tion allowed] [18 people voted] [Show results]
To vote, please:

(*Actu­ally, our ques­tion is not that simple. It sounds simple at first but if you start think­ing about it you can’t stop any­more. Ever.)

Express your­self!

Express your hopes and fears, share your visions of a life with a Basic Income. Submit your works and get them listed under ‚visions’ and your per­sonal pro­file under ‚com­mu­nity’.

4) The Web Series

The con­cept

Love, pas­sion, cre­ativ­ity, health...very essen­tial things in life.

By ana­lyz­ing all the answers to our ques­tions, polls and sur­veys, and not at least the user sub­mit­ted visions we get a clear pic­ture of what people expect from a Basic Income. We find out which parts of their life they hope to improve... to UNLEASH.

Puzzle by PIKKman, on Flickr
Puzzle by PIKKman (View on flickr)

These ‚parts’ are going to be our topics for the single webisodes (episodes of the web series)... reflected in the titles, like ‚LOVE unleashed’, ‚PASSION unleashed’,... just as you can see it in the slid­ing pic­tures at our front page.

5) The Basic Income Guarantee

A basic what??

There are many dif­fer­ent ideas about..., def­i­n­i­tions of... and names for that basic income thing. But for our project it’s not impor­tant to define it exactly... Our goal is to pro­mote the idea to people who have never heard of this before and did not study eco­nom­ics. We just want to make people think about their future, their lifes... That’s why we like the simple and straight def­i­n­i­tion from the U.S. Basic Income Guar­an­tee Net­work:

The Basic Income Guar­an­tee is an uncon­di­tional, government-insured guar­an­tee that all cit­i­zens will have enough income to meet their basic needs.

Yes, for us that’s pretty much what it’s all about: meet our basic needs. Because... if we don’t have to fight to sur­vive any­more we can focus on our other needs. Or other peo­ple’s needs. Or some­thing com­pletely else.


life unleashed - words

But... why would anyone still want to work??

6) Our Team

We are a (hope­fully grow­ing) group of people who sup­port the idea of the Basic Income.
If you want you can look us in the eye here.

If you want to join us write us a mes­sage. Also check our overview of all the pend­ing tasks. Any help that can be offered would be most appreciated! :)

The pro­duc­ers

soda.film berlin

We are a small inde­pen­dent film pro­duc­tion com­pany from Berlin, Ger­many. We FILM the change we want to see in the world! :)

The direc­tor

Daniel Boehme

Ich bin ein Geschichten-Erzähler (Film-Regisseur) und Social Entre­pre­neur aus Berlin. Ich habe 3 Kinder, spiele ein paar Instru­mente, sehe in die Zukunft mit meinem Tarot-Deck und liebe vegan Kochen. Zwar rede ich nun wirk­lich nicht zu viel - aber manch­mal halte ich nicht den Mund, obwohl ich es klar sollte. :P

7) The Financing

This project is non-profit and all prod­ucts are shared for free! If we get money from a spon­sor we share it with the cre­ators of the cor­re­spond­ing product.

But it’s a full time job to manage the project, do all the mar­ket­ing and social media stuff and pro­duce the movies. We need to get paid for this and hope to con­vince some spon­sors to help us out. We will also start indi­vid­ual crowd­fund­ing cam­paigns for every single project to keep the bud­gets manageable.

Overview of our crowd­fund­ing campaigns

Work in progress (beta)

Hello world!

This site is still under con­struc­tion (beta). Things get added, other things may not behave as expected yet.

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