• Faith: unleashed!

  • Collaboration:

  • Serendipity:

  • Talent: unleashed!

  • Grace: unleashed!

  • Metamorphosis: unleashed!

  • Hope: unleashed!

  • Friendship: unleashed!

  • Courage: unleashed!

  • Commitment: unleashed!

  • In your life -
    what do YOU want

Imag­ine how life could be...

... a life where we could work for a better world, for hap­pi­ness, for fun - not only for paying the rent. A life where we would help others with­out think­ing about money, where we would use our cre­ativ­ity to help improv­ing our soci­ety - not only to find ways to sur­vive. A life free of exis­ten­tial angst, mal­nu­tri­tion, home­less­ness... and full of joy, friend­li­ness, pas­sion, light... a life living its full poten­tial: a LIFE UNLEASHED!

We are con­vinced that exis­ten­tial angst par­a­lyzes tal­ents and social skills. But there’s a solu­tion, a con­cept that would elim­i­nate these kind of supres­sions and so UNLEASH the powers of many people:

The Basic Income Guarantee!

... an uncon­di­tional, government-insured guar­an­tee that all cit­i­zens will have enough income to meet their basic needs.

Find answers to many ques­tions about the Basic Income, includ­ing: ‚Why would anyone still want to work??’...

Our Mis­sion:

Build a com­mu­nity

We ask people to think about a life with a Basic Income - and to submit their visions as videos, poetry, pic­tures, music...
Together, we create strong visions of a better world...

Pro­mote the idea

The com­mu­nity visions will be con­vinc­ing argu­ments for the Basic Income. Inspired by the most pop­u­lar visions, we pro­duce a series of short films to con­vince the world!


Finally, when many people can image how their lifes would improve with the Basic Income the time has come to free the true poten­tial of mankind... to

(Learn more about our project...)

Your next steps:

Con­tribute to this project and tell the world how you think YOUR life would improve with a Basic Income. Make a video with your webcam, draw a pic­ture, write a story, a poem, a song - and submit it to us.

Unleash your cre­ativ­ity, unleash your pas­sion, unleash your dreams... UNLEASH YOUR LIFE! ;)

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