• Faith: unleashed!

  • Collaboration:

  • Serendipity:

  • Talent: unleashed!

  • Grace: unleashed!

  • Metamorphosis: unleashed!

  • Hope: unleashed!

  • Friendship: unleashed!

  • Courage: unleashed!

  • Commitment: unleashed!

  • In your life -
    what do YOU want

Imagine how life could be...

... a life where we could work for a better world, for happiness, for fun - not only for paying the rent. A life where we would help others without thinking about money, where we would use our creativity to help improving our society - not only to find ways to survive. A life free of existential angst, malnutrition, homelessness... and full of joy, friendliness, passion, light... a life living its full potential: a LIFE UNLEASHED!

We are convinced that existential angst paralyzes talents and social skills. But there's a solution, a concept that would eliminate these kind of supressions and so UNLEASH the powers of many people:

The Basic Income Guarantee!

... an unconditional, government-insured guarantee that all citizens will have enough income to meet their basic needs.

Find answers to many questions about the Basic Income, including: 'Why would anyone still want to work??'...

Our Mission:

Build a community

We ask people to think about a life with a Basic Income - and to submit their visions as videos, poetry, pictures, music...
Together, we create strong visions of a better world...

Promote the idea

The community visions will be convincing arguments for the Basic Income. Inspired by the most popular visions, we produce a series of short films to convince the world!


Finally, when many people can image how their lifes would improve with the Basic Income the time has come to free the true potential of mankind... to

(Learn more about our project...)

Your next steps:

Contribute to this project and tell the world how you think YOUR life would improve with a Basic Income. Make a video with your webcam, draw a picture, write a story, a poem, a song - and submit it to us.

Unleash your creativity, unleash your passion, unleash your dreams... UNLEASH YOUR LIFE! ;)

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